CLAY PORTER IS LEADING THE CHARGE AS ONE OF ACTION SPORTS’ MOST VISIONARY AND PROMISING FILMMAKER HYPHENATES - DIRECTING, SHOOTING AND EDITING MANY OF THE INDUSTRY’S MOST ACCLAIMED AND INFLUENTIAL PRODUCTIONS WITH A UNIQUE VISION. From the age of 17, Porter has devoted his life to filmmaking - shooting on six continents and burning through three passports all before the age of 25. Best known for his work in mountain biking, Porter’s award winning films have become the industry standard while he continues to progress the sport with each new release. Like the industry’s most iconic and eclectic directors including Spike Jonze, Ty Evans and Dana Brown, all of whom Porter has shot for, Porter has managed to continually create captivating projects that bridge the core endemic and mainstream audience alike. With his relatable, accessible yet completely authentic approach to filmmaking that’s equal parts documentary, commercial and new wave, Porter has created content for many of the world’s biggest brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Lexus, Red Bull, G-Shock and Specialized. His work for Red Bull alone has been viewed more than 40 million times, positioning him as one of their most valued content creators. With an unmatched ability to transcend the sport, engage pop culture and deliver best-in-class turnkey content for his partners, Porter is widely considered one of action sports most in-demand filmmakers.







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