What's it like to be a pro downhiller from Colombia? And what's it like to speed violently down steep, narrow, broken city stairs, through a tunnel of screaming fans? Giant Factory Off-Road Team rider Marcelo Gutierrez knows. This is his life. He's a rising star in World Cup downhill, and a straight-up legend in the urban downhill game. This is Marcelo's world like you've never seen it before.

Client: Giant Bicycles
Production Company: Metis Creative
Director: Clay Porter
Executive Producers: An Le and Nate Riffle
Producer: Cameron Baird
Director of Photography: Clay Porter
Cinematography: Clay Porter, John Reynolds and Cameron Baird

Editor: Clay Porter
Assistant Editor: John Reynolds
Original Score: Ajay Bhattacharyya
Post Production Audio: Keith White
DIT: John Reynolds
Colorist: Chris Hall

Shot on the RED Epic, Sony FS700 and GoPro Hero 3.