Behold the majesty that is Cole Seely. A native of central California, Cole runs the show in this heart-thumping motocross video on his home soil at Zaca Station. As one of the most picturesque tracks on the West Coast, Zaca is a prime canvas for the masterful artistry that Cole is spitting out. The TLD Honda frontman has not ridden a national since 2011, but as you may have been able to tell, his prep for Hangtown 2013 is moving along swimmingly. Cole is a self-proclaimed SX specialist, but he grew up on the same MX tracks as the rest of the California natives. Seely excels on bike skill and technical ability. His scrubs are literally the type of things kids talk about at the dinner table, and he has been known to throw a whip that would straight up hurt a lesser man's feelings.

Client: Red Bull Media House
Production Company: Metis Creative
Director: Clay Porter
Executive Producers: Scott Bradfield
Producer: Cameron Baird
Director of Photography: Clay Porter
Cinematography: Clay Porter, John Reynolds and Cameron Baird
RC Aerials: AXOM Digital Cinema
Production Assistant: Amado Stachenfeld

Editor: Clay Porter
Assistant Editor: John Reynolds
Original Score: Alberto Bof
Post Production Audio: Keith White
DIT: John Reynolds
Colorist: Robert Curreri

Shot on the RED Epic.