In the third film from the Four by Three series, Clay Porter captures a unique insight into the mind of Gee Atherton as he prepares for one of the most challenging MTB Freeride events in the world, Red Bull Rampage. This clip features exclusive footage of the crash that stopped Gee competing at Rampage right at the last minute.

Client: Red Bull Media House
Production Company: Clay Porter Productions
Director: Clay Porter
Executive Producer: James Milnes
Producer: Clay Porter
Director of Photography: Clay Porter
Cinematography: Clay Porter, John Lawlor and Dylan Wineland
Aerial Footage Courtesy Of: Freeride Entertainment

Editor: Clay Porter
Post Production Sound: Keith White
Colorist: John Reynolds
Extra Special Thanks: Dan Brown, Scott Bradfield, Derek Westerlund and Ilana Taub

Shot on the RED Epic, Sony EX1, iPhone 4s and GoPro Hero 2.