Now that you've seen the ground-breaking new Red Bull Straight Rhythm, here's James Stewart's take on the new course. Essentially a supercross track unwound, James and his brother Malcolm attack the half-mile long layout packed with rhythm sections and massive whoops. Safe to say there will be some scrubbage.

Client: Red Bull Media House
Production Company: Metis Creative
Director: Clay Porter
Executive Producers: Jeremy Malott and Chelsie Stegemiller
Producer: Cameron Baird
Director of Photography: Clay Porter
Cinematography: Clay Porter, John Reynolds, Cameron Baird, Nick Schrunk, Federico Vitetta, Drew Lauer, Amado Stachenfeld
Phantom Flex Operator: Nick Schrunk
Phantom Miro Operator: Drew Lauer
Steadycam Operator: Federico Vitetta
Helicopter Pilot: Jim McCoy
Aerial Cinematography: Clay Porter
RC Aerials: Raptor Cam
Timelapse Photography: Thomas Webb
Location Audio: Will Hansen

Editor: Clay Porter
Assistant Editor: John Reynolds
Post Production Audio: Keith White
DIT: Kevin Shiramizu
Colorist: Prehisotric Digital

Shot on the RED Epic, Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro, Sony FS700 and GoPro Hero 3.